Technical Sound, stage and lighting, audio visual equipment, presentations and DJ's.

A key apect of any event is the quality, creativity and reliability of your technical solutions. This element needs to be seamless and professional without any exceptions. Sound, lighting, audio visual displays and artists performances can be mind blowing and need experienced people to create this effect. A site meeting of our technical consultants ensures we "walk through" every situation and eliminate any problems.

Our highly skilled staff of conference and event co-ordinators, project managers, engineers, technicians and crew hands are here to ensure your event is exactly what you expect it to be and much much more.

A gear check is held on the day with rehearsals for MC's and entertainers to ensure professionalism and service delivery. A technician will always be on site for the duration of the event.


We have a comprehensive database of location venues and exotic locations that can be accessed to add that extra dimension to an event.

We can arrange generators and marquees in the middle of the Karoo is that works for our client.

The perfect location will go a long way to making your event a big success. It enhances the ambiance and makes it memorable. A lot of thought is needed to finding that unique setting. If it is the right location, it will stand out on its own or by decorating it you can create what you desire.

There is no end to the list where you can hold events: Hotels, restaurants, night clubs, wineries, historic houses, vacant mansions, warehouses, parks, museums, women's clubs, an automobile showroom, or any public or private facility. Use your imagination and be open to the many possibilities and how they can work for you.